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As a design intern on the Visual Identity Systems team at Saatchi & Saatchi LA, I had the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills that would set me up for future successes. When I joined the team, they had just re-branded Toyota into what it is today. I was able to assist in creating assets that would be used to further express Toyota's brand message.

I also had the opportunity to collaborate with a group of interns to develop a creative strategy, multi-platform campaign executions, and a media plan for the relaunch of the Toyota Supra. At the end of the 8-week internship we presented our project to leadership, and our hard-working team was selected as the grand prize winner.
The Toyota Supra, some may say originally made famous by the Fast and Furious movie, was considered a legacy to the car community. The car community later felt forgotten about when the production of the Supra stopped in 2002. So, how do we get the car community excited about the Supra 2020 relaunch?
Use the Supra to cultivate a community that has been there, even when the car was not.

While car enthusiasts enjoy the excitement and thrill of a high-performance vehicle, what truly brings them together is the human connection they create over a shared passion for cars.

Target Audience
The car community target is broken down into four sub-categories– the kids-at-heart, the speed demons, the thrill seekers, and the stylistas. At the end of the day, all of these individuals share the same passion, and this is for them. For those who love the drive.
Revamp the brand’s image by relaunching the Supra into culture with a campaign that excites and resonates with the car community.

*for presentation purposes, the Toyota logo has been disclosed from images and mockups*

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