Cause Cosmetics (formerly Cosmetics for a Cause) is a non-profit organization that helps women in distressed life situations improve their self-esteem and as a result, become empowered and successful. They do this by giving beauty products to women shelters and organizations all around the country.

Every culture has standards and particular ways in which people change or enhance their appearance to feel and appear more attractive or maintain their status within their society or culture. We have been given this fundamental right to beauty that has been surrounding us for countless year. Not every woman has this basic right though– something we do on a day-to-day basis, is often taken for granted. For example, women who are poverty-stricken or women-in-transition cannot afford these luxury items.

When women realize the true power of makeup, and the fact that when it is worn individuals gain the inner strength they need to succeed, they will be more likely to give back and donate to Cause Cosmetics. The target is also more likely to give back when they feel like they are connected to an organization in an immersive and memorable way.

Create a memorable beauty experience that gets females to become aware of Cause Cosmetics, and the psychological benefits that makeup can provide. This awareness and new understanding of beauty will ultimately get them to donate to the women in need. 

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