My Manifesto
Watch, learn, and then do. And then redo. And then redo again. Analyze the mundane, like patterns and things that are often overlooked. Challenge yourself and never stop taking risks. Not comfortable doing something? Do it anyways. Back everything you do with meaning and intention, and it'll speak volumes. Live a wholesome life– full of travel, good company, and good food– and always chase the things that make your mind and body happy.

About Arianna
I grew up in Buffalo, NY and love exploring the many yummy restaurants in the area– especially the ones with good tacos. I love to spend my free time hiking, and have climbed five high peaks in the Adirondacks. I also play field hockey at school, and I love being part of a great group of people while playing a sport that I love.
Take a peek into my wholesome little life, here.
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